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Why Your Building's Classification Type Is Important

If your company is breaking ground on a new building, chances are it may be one of the occupancy groups, or building classification types, you see in the photos above. Each building type has specific safety requirements to keep people safe and the structure sound.

HGCI's experience with multiple building types makes sure everything goes as planned during permitting and each phase of construction, leading to safe, functional and comfortable spaces for those who live or work there. Permit approval for each occupancy group is primarily related to meeting fire safety requirements and egress, the unobstructed path to existing a building. The essential goal of these classification types is to ensure that any person who works, lives or visits a building is inhabiting a safe and secure structure.

HGCI's experience and expertise in working with all building types will expedite the permitting process of your new building and ensure it will be a safe and secure environment in the future.

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