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Design-Build Services

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We Build In 3-D

As a general contracting firm, HGCI can also take care of any  custom commercial building project or T.I. that you may have.


HGCI has the tools to design & construct the project to fit your buisness needs. We will work with you to get your project concepts & designs on paper while integrating the latest ideas & options available in the industry.

What is a 3-D approach?

Building in three dimensions means paying attention to quality, cost and scheduling so exceptional work is produced from start to finish:


  • Quality centers around being accountable to produce excellence every single day: problem solving, managing a team efficiently and communicating with you along the way 

  • Schedule revolves around meeting deadlines from the permitting phase through your project's final completion


  • Cost focuses on making smart decisions in planning and in real-time throughout the design-build process to save you money and cultivate peace of mind

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