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The Advantages of Building with Steel

Fast | Cost Effective | Energy Efficient 

Steel-framed buildings are often the right choice for commercial building construction. Steel offers a combination of straightforward assembly and fast construction time. 

HGCI is a Varco Pruden Authorized Builder.  This partnership assures that all HGCI steel spaces offer exceptional quality and high value. Varco Pruden sets the bar high as a leader in pre-engineered steel building systems.

A speedy assembly is not the only benefit of steel construction.  Additionally, steel-framed buildings stand up well to threats like earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and pest problems. Unlike some other materials, bugs and other unwelcome creatures can’t make a home in a steel structure.

And of course, along with its easy assembly and rugged durability, steel offers strking elegance and uncompromising strength. 

Untitled Design (73).png


Untitled Design (94).jpg
Senior Care Facility


Airport Hanger
Untitled Design (75).png

Medical Facility

Untitled Design (74).png

Health/Medical Building

HGCI is a design-build commercial contractor serving clients throughout Northern California. HGCI specializes in a range of occupancies: Assembly, Business, Educational, Storage, Institutional and more.

Varco Pruden is a leader in steel-constructed buildings. HGCI is a Varco Pruden Authorized Builder.

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HGCI | 112 Spaulding Street, Unit A, San Anselmo, CA 94960 | 415-597-6880 | License #: 720437

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