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An Expert Builders of Senior Care Facilities

HGCI for new Senior Housing and Tenant Improvements

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Coventry Senior Housing Renovation

San Francisco,  CA

  • A 450,000 square foot high density housing and assisted living facility


  •  Contracted for renovations  to common areas, dining halls & back of house offices for a mid-rise, 198 bed senior assisted living facility.  Interior upscale finishes work with imported stone tile, carpet and paint throughout.


Kensington Senior Housing Renovation

Walnut Creek, CA 

  • A 450,000 square foot high density housing and senior care community 

  • A major interior renovations to common areas, dining halls and back of house offices for this eight-building, low rise 195 bed senior assisted living facility campus.  

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Sunrise Senior Housing Renovation

San Francisco, CA 

  •  A 300,000 square foot high density housing and elderly-care community

  •  HGCI was contracted to add 23 apartments and renovate the common areas that served the hall  and back of house offices for this mid-rise 150 bed senior assisted living campus. 

Our expertise for creating quality elderly-care communities means you can trust HGCI to design and build your facility to meet your specific needs: budgeting, permitting, scheduling, issues related to space, and more.


HGCI sets the bar incredibly high for excellence for every client, whether the company is a global leader in health care services or a local assisted living facility. 

We have worked with industry leaders in senior care, such as Welltower and Sunrise Senior Living, but also served the needs of small- to medium-size facilities as well.

HGCI is a Varco Pruden Builder, a leader in steel-constructed buildings. Steel lowers costs, increases flexibility and speeds up construction.

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