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Designing and Building Senior Care Facilities

Coventry Senior Housing Renovation

San Francisco,  CA


  • A 450,000 square foot high density housing and assisted living facility


  •  Contracted for renovations  to common areas, dining halls & back of house offices for a mid-rise, 198 bed senior assisted living facility.  Interior upscale finishes work with imported stone tile, carpet and paint throughout.

Kensington Senior Housing Renovation Walnut Creek, CA 

  • A 450,000 square foot high density housing and senior care community 

  • A major interior renovations to common areas, dining halls and back of house offices for this eight-building, low rise 195 bed senior assisted living facility campus.  

Sunrise Senior Housing Renovation

San Francisco, CA 

  •  A 300,000 square foot high density housing and elderly-care community

  •  HGCI was contracted to add 23 apartments and renovate the common areas that served the hall  and back of house offices for this mid-rise 150 bed senior assisted living campus. 

HGCI has a wealth of experience in designing and building new senior living spaces and completing renovations on existing sites.


We have worked with industry leaders in senior care, such as Welltower and Sunrise Senior Living, but also served the needs of small- to medium-size facilities as well.

3 Assisted Living Facilities
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Our expertise for creating quality elderly-care communities means you can trust HGCI to design and build your facility to meet your specific needs: budgeting, permitting, scheduling, issues related to space, and more.


HGCI sets the bar incredibly high for excellence for every client, whether the company is a global leader in health care services or a local assisted living facility.