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Building a Senior Care Facility Anytime Soon? HGCI offers a Unique Three-Dimension Approach

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Designing and building a senior-care facility successfully requires a comprehensive plan and the experience to navigate through any challenges that may arise. The reason is plainly clear: So much time and money can be wasted when designing and building an assisted-living facility. For instance, a building plan can get rejected several times because it fails to meet strict building codes; permits expires due to delays;

or an access road required by the fire department becomes prohibitively expensive.

The project stalls. Months or even years go by before your elderly-care center gets underway. Sound familiar?

Doesn't it makes you wonder: Why weren't these game-stoppers accounted for early

in the planning process? Well, sometimes pure architectural ideas are beautiful,

but a narrow one-dimensional approach may be impractical and fall short of the

three-dimensional thinking that is necessary when building an elderly-care facility.

A 3-D approach means an attention to quality, cost and scheduling to ensure that

HGCI deliveries an exceptional product from start to finish:

  • Quality centers around being accountable to produce excellence every single day: problem solving, managing a team efficiently and communicating with you along the way

  • Schedule revolves around meeting deadlines from the permitting phase through your project's final completion

  • Cost focuses on making smart decisions in planning and in real-time throughout the design-build process to save you money and cultivate peace of mind

HGCI works with industry leaders in the field, such as Welltower, with a market cap of $29.3 billion, and Sunrise Senior Living, another global leader, which set the bar exceptionally high for excellence. We offer the same extraordinary service when working with small- and mid-size senior care facilities.

We are always open for discussing your senior-care construction needs. If you have questions you would like to discuss, please reach out.

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