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Get the Facts for Your Next Building Project Before It's Too Late

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are HGCI’s design-build capabilities?

A. HGCI offers a complete solution, starting with architectural design services, and then executing all phases of new construction or tenant improvement (TI) work.

Q. Does HGCI work on both large- and small-scale projects?

A. Yes, HGCI does projects of every size. For example, we’ve worked with global, industry leaders in the medical field, such as Welltower, LabCorp, and Alere, and have happily completed work for locally-owned medical facilities.

Q. Does HGCI specialize in other building uses?

A. HGCI specializes in the hospitality sector, mixed-use commercial buildings, warehouse facilities, airport retail spaces, residential, and more. HGCI brings its design- build expertise to every industry it works with.

Q. What geographic market do you serve?

A. HGCI serves areas in Northern California, including but not limited to these counties: Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara, Sacramento, and Placer.

Q. What can you tell us about bonds practices and/or financials?

A. HGCI has access to applicable bond resources to cover project needs from well-established firms.

Q. How is a project’s budget determined?

A. HGCI provides an itemized Schedule-1 budget (+/- 5% to 10%) based on the preliminary documents provided. A +/- cost range provides flexibility and the assurance that projected costs will be accurate.

Q. What can you say about preconstruction service?

A. Preconstruction services are determined by our project management team and are provided on a Time and Materials (T & M) basis for the duration of need.

Q. What should I know about the budget for general conditions?

A. The total budget for general conditions is set at a specific amount per calendar day, for example, the need for a Tower Crane & Manlift and other services. Costs are based on standard market rates. HGCI makes every effort to minimize delays by using effective I.E. workarounds.

Q. What is critical to know about systems & procedures?

HGCI uses the latest technology: Google Cloud Management, Bluebeam docs, AutoCAD, Box file share, Sketchup, among others.

Q. What are HGCI’s self-performed trades that are used on a project?

A. HGCI self-performs concrete, formwork, metal and wood framing, sheetrock, windows or can subcontract these services.

Q. Does HGCI use union subcontractors?

A. HGCI and its subcontractors are non-union workers, though exceptions may include Manlift, Tower Crane and concrete delivery operators.

Q. What other benefits does HGCI offer?

A. HGCI’s design-build process is a unique three-dimensional approach: (1) Quality,

(2) Cost, and (3) Schedule. This methodology creates a superior final product for each residential or commercial building project.

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